About Us

The Chippewas Of Nawash Health Centre promotes healthy lifestyles that strive to reflect the spirit of Neyaashiinigmiing. The services of the health centre are available to all Chippewas of Nawash residents and band membership. At the centre we deliver programs that promote health and prevent disease. In partnership with other community programs, we offer regular workshops and activities that are geared towards healthy living and a greater sense of well being for all of our clients.

We offer a prenatal nutrition program, a monthly physician's clinic, foot care services and medical transportation. The chronic disease prevention program is aimed towards the prevention of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The communicable disease program helps control the spread of vaccine preventable diseases. The environmental awareness program involves water sampling and testing for West Nile Virus. The Chippewas of Nawash Health Centre is part of the Emergency Response team that is capable of dealing with emergencies whenever the health of it's residents is threatened. It is staffed 5 days a week with a registered community health nurse and community representatives.

The Team

Arlene Chegahno

Health Manager

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 225
fax 519.534.0964
email healthdirector@gbtel.ca

Marleen Vogl

Youth Mental Health Worker

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 222
fax 519.534.0964
email: marleenvogl@gbtel.ca

Joshua King

Medical Transportation/ NIHB clerk

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 223
tel 519.534.2165 (direct line)
fax 519.534.0964
email: Healthbenifitsclerk@gbtel.ca

Cynthia Porter

Home and Community Care Nurse

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 226
fax 519.534.0964
email: hccnurse@gbtel.ca

Suzy Jones, ICDSW

Community Health Representative

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 227
cel: 519-375.6896
fax 519.534.0964
email: healthrep@gbtel.ca

Randy Keeshig-MacLeod

National Native Drug and Alcohol Program

tel 519.534.3710
fax 519.534.0964
email: nadap@gbtel.ca

SpringDawn Cook-Akiwenzie, RPN

Community Health Nurse

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 235
cel: 519.378.6028
fax 519.534.0964
email: Springdawnchn@nawash.ca

Norma Tobey

Acting Health Director

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 228
fax 519.534.0964

Lynda Quesnel MSCN, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre

1025 2nd Avenue West Owen Sound Ontario

tel 519.376.5508

fax 519.376.1845

Maternal Child Health Program Coordinator

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 233
fax 519.534.0964

Dawn King

Community Support Services

tel 519.534.0373 ext. 229
fax 519.534.0964


tel 519.534.0373 
fax 519.534.0964