Our Programs & Services

Please visit our documents page to download a printable PDF or Word docuement of the programs and services offered by the Health Centre.

Medical Transportation/Non-Insured Health Benefits

This program has a two fold purpose. It enables community members, that do not have access to a vehicle, a way to get to and from appointments both locally and long distance. The program also offers assistance in navigating benefits, appealing denials, filing reimbursements, and checking status of any claims.

Lynda Quesnel, Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner provide a full range of health care services such as physical check ups, referrals to specialists; lab x-ray and ultrasound testing, prescriptions, prenatal care, management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, management of acute illnesses such as ear infections, and education for management of such condition.

Home & Community Care Program

The Home & Community Care Program is intended to provide support services in the home to those who are elderly, ill or recovering from an illness and younger adults with permanent physical disabilities. Community Care Program is aimed at the social, spiritual, emotional needs through congregate dining, exercise and recreational programs.

Community Health Nurse

The Community Health Nurse provides care for all Nawash Band Members living on reserve. The Community Health Nurse works closely with clients to achieve their goals, assists with action planning and development.

Youth Mental Health Program

The Youth mental Health Program provides services to children and families of children aged 7 to 18 years, with referrals, support and programming.  The program promotes healthy living to children and families.

Community Health Representative

Community Health Representative improves the health status of first nation families and communities through action aimed at reducing prevalence and incidence of diabetes and its risk factors. Community Health Representative increases physical activity as a healthy living practice as well as supporting healthy eating and food security.


National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program works to help access services and supports for the clients with addiction as well as increases awareness and understanding among the residents about alcohol and substance abuse issues as well as awareness and promotion of alternative healthier lifestyles. NNADAP program will help participants stabilize their situation so they can focus on their treatment plan.

Maternal Child Health Program

Maternal Child Health Program aims to improve health with First Nation, infant, child, and family health. The areas of focus include prenatal health, nutrition, early literacy and learning, and physical, emotional and mental health.

The Chippewas of Nawash Health Centre is part of the Emergency Response team that is capable of dealing with emergencies whenever the health of it's residents is threatened. It is staffed 5 days a week with a registered community health nurse and community representatives.

Any Questions Or Concerns?

Simply call to get the information that you require by phone.  Some service programs require an intake for that must be filled out at the health center.  Appointments are not required.  Please bring an OHIP number or card with you.